The Descent Master is a new and innovative way to help improve your mountain biking from the comfort of your own home.



Descent Master

Descent Master is the world’s first body weight-only mountain bike-specific home training machine.

It is the latest innovation designed to allow you to condition and prepare your upper body for the rigours of high-speed mountain bike descending in order for you to push your limits further than ever before. Ride more, faster.

At its heart is the classic plank exercise now adapted to specifically target those muscle groups required to support your body weight on the steepest of trails, through the harshest G-out’s and into the fastest turns. The key areas targeted are the core abdominal, arms and rotator cuff muscle groups each of which is essential in the search for ever higher trail speeds.

Descent Master puts you into a familiar ‘on bike’ position whilst the multi-axis pivoting bar allows the user to replicate the movements felt out on the trail whilst in the plank position. The use of the same handlebar width as found on your bike helps to promote muscle memory.

Descent Master is designed to fit in around busy lifestyles as much as it is around professional training regimes. Quick five-minute sessions can be built into your morning routine or evening wind down, all the time building speed and strength to be unleashed on the weekend ride or at your next big race. Descent Master is easily set up and thanks to its handy carry strap and folding legs, is easily transported or stored.

Key features

  • A unique, patent pending design developed with top athletes and academics which specifically targets the key muscles (core abdominal, arms and rotator cuff groups) used when descending
  • Constructed and CNC machined from the highest quality materials for strength and reliability.
  • Designed to replicate the feel of your bike, not just a designers approximation
  • Handy carry strap and foldable legs make for easy storage and a design which fits in with your lifestyle and into your home
  • Completely manufactured in the United Kingdom


Our Story

Descent Master is a product born from not only personal passion but also from experience. Company founder, Ewan Clark, spent six years competing at the very highest level of cross-country mountain bike racing. After working his way up through the juvenile ranks, he took on UCI World Cup level competition as part of the British Cycling Olympic development program.

Ewan now rides, as most of us do, for fun but he’s always looking for ways to become faster. His racing was brought to an end when he suffered a severe injury which robbed him of arm strength

Descent Master as an idea was conceived on the drive home from a frustrating uplift day where he found himself suddenly struggling to hold onto the bars for full-length descents. Something which had once been familiar and straight forward was now posing questions of his body and he needed answers.

Familiar with training processes and fitness apparatus from his time between the tapes, he decided that he needed a device which resembled his bike, but in his home, which he could use to get his upper body strength back to where he needed it to be.

Having served an apprenticeship as a milling machinist, Ewan now has nearly a decades worth of experience working for a company who supplied the aerospace and motorsport sectors and had first hand understanding of the kind of rigorous adhesion to standards and rigorous attention to detail which they demanded. Descent Master has been developed with help from The Mountain Biking Centre of Scotland and its claims have been verified by a study undertaken by Napier University in Edinburgh.

No more stopping halfway down or shaking out arm pump and shoulder pain, Descent Master is here to allow you to build speed and unlock new trails and the rowdiest of lines.




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All-star reviews

“Since I started using the Descent Master it’s really helped stabilise my shoulders and allowed me to gain more control when holding onto my handlebars.

It’s also really helped me build good stability in my core which has been the biggest thing for me.”

Lewis Buchanan

Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team




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